Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Comments, like them or not

Originally posted at Cherniak on Politics

1) As I have written before, I have nothing against Justin Trudeau personally but a lot against him using his last name to get ahead within the Liberal Party. If Justin wants to run for the Liberals, I think he should find a seat that we do not hold and show that he has the ability to do some heavy lifting. Others who have given much more time and energy to the Party deserve a safe seat in which to run.

2) Elizabeth May should run in Halifax. It is a riding that the NDP barely holds because of Alexa McDonough's personal popularity and it is full of progressive university students who would be more than willing to give May a serious look. If May does that, I might even argue that the Liberals should leave her unopposed. Some of my Liberal friends in Halifax wouldn't like the idea, but I think the possible strategic value is obvious.

3) According to Stephen LeDrew on Politics with Don Newman, Stephen Harper will be "the MacKenzie King of this century". Clearly it is time for Don Newman to get a new Liberal on his Political Leadership panel.

4) Meanwhile, Robin Sears is back on NDP message now that Rae is not Liberal leader. Too bad.


the exorcist said...

this site is great - I cast out, in advance, the wussifying tendencies of professional pundits.

hugo chavez's kid sister said...

Harper is the MAckenzie King of this century.

Maybe even the Gandhi.

Jamie said...

Really glad you like the site. Keep checking back. It just got up and running yesterday, so things are bound to only get more exciting from here.

Werner Patels said...

Great site, well done. I'll list it under Recommended Links on my blog immediately.