Monday, January 8, 2007

Dion Steals a Page from Martin's Playbook

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Here we go again, I fear. Remember a month ago when I proposed that Dion's most distinguishing feature, his integrity, may be in jeopardy following his election as Liberal Party leader. Well, we now have the first example of his integrity taking a hit (in the all important court of Olaf's mind), as he seems to be utilizing Paul Martin's trademark ploy from the last election - "I can read Stephen Harper's mind and believe you me, he's lying"...Here's Harper's quote, from CTV's Question Period only yesterday:

""I think the preponderance of the evidence on [climate change] is clear, that it's a real long-term challenge, but what I've said is it can't be fixed overnight."

Here's Dion's impression of what Harper really means:

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper still doesn't believe in the science of climate change, says Liberal Leader Stephane Dion.

Dion, speaking to reporters in Nova Scotia, says the Conservative government's recent embrace of environmental issues must be viewed skeptically.

"He spoke about the 'so-called greenhouse gas emissions'" only weeks ago, Dion said.
The fiscal update of Nov. 25 contained "not a word" about climate change, he said.

"Now all of a sudden, it's a priority. I think something happened ... (Harper) saw the polls, he saw the kind of official opposition he's facing, and he pretended that he saw the light."

Ok, so Harper says he believes in the science behind global warming, but somehow, Dion knows better what he thinks. This is the whole "I know Harper says he won't legislate on abortion and won't destroy Medicare but trust me, he will legislate on abortion and destroy Medicare" move that Paul Martin employed during the last election, right before he became ex-Prime Minister. You could taste the desperation (and it was delicious).Now Dion is using the same tactic, and I regret to inform you all that, in my opinion, it doesn't bode well for Liberal fortunes. I mean, speculating on whether or not Harper subscribes to global warming science is one thing, but to do so the day after he explicitly accepted it in plain English (maybe that was the problem), is just sad.

UPDATE: Dazzler at the Blogging Party is on this as well, with the amusing title "Oh No He Didn't"


hiti said...

Hey! Let's just ignore all conflicting comments made by Steve Harper on Kyoto, climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, etc.


Anonymous said...

Well hiti, if you're ignoring the fact inconsistencies of the Liberals on greenhouse emissions, ignoring the comments by Harper should be no problem.