Monday, January 8, 2007

Follow Up To Yesterday's Memo

Originally posted at ChuckerCanuck

Judging by my inbox, the new blogging protocols set in place by the International Alliance of Global Conspiracies (IAGC) have many Blogging Tories confused. So, using today's topic, as designated by the planning committee of the IAGC, following is an example of how the protocol works.

Step 1. Introduction
Hi there everyone, funny weather, eh?

Step 2. Personal Experience on Travel
Is it just me, or do they keep removing one train car every month on the Montreal-Rigaud commuter line? Every month I have to shift up the platform while waiting for the train only to squeeze into ever smaller spaces. This morning, I was jammed up with the private school kids who were talking about - well - never mind. No father with daughters wants to repeat what those kids talk about, even a father of such delinquents as my raised-from-home girls, Rainbow and skyPiper.

Step 3. [insert content emailed to you from the global conspiracy alliance]
Years ago, the CBC emancipated itself from the constraint of telling Canadian stories and opted instead to invent Canadian stories. The goal is to re-define Canada in the image of the CBC itself: bleeding heart, overtaxed livers and a skill at looking cynically confused whenever numbers get mentioned. (Numbers are the root of all evil in CBC lore). Tomorrow night, the CBC launches "Little Mosque on the Prairie" - a Corner Gas pointed straight at Mecca. The trailers look terrible - or as they would say at CBC headquarters "excellent" - and we, er, oops, I urge everyone to watch the show and tell us - shit! - me what you think.

Step 4. Personal Experience on Food, Music or Booze
That's all for now, I have to finish off a three-cheese lasagna purchased at the ready-to-eat counter at the local Metro grocery store (tranlation: Dominion grocery in Ontario). Wow, lasagna and green salad for $4.55.

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