Wednesday, January 10, 2007


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You’ve likely heard the rumours: Justin Trudeau covets the Liberal nomination for the Montreal riding of Outremont. [Outremont is the Trudeau homestead. It’s a lavish neighborhood on the non-sunny-side of Mount-Royal; the French equivalent of Westmount].

Shock No. 1. Liberals in the riding don’t want him.
They describe Justin Trudeau as a “poster boy” and they don’t want a “poster boy”. How could they call Justin Trudeau a mere “poster boy”? At 35, the man has racked up some impressive credentials:
1. Taught drama in a Vancouver high school.
2. Quit that, tried to become an engineer at Ecole Polytechnique, dropped out of that.
3. Took up a master’s degree at McGill in geography and might actually finish that (rumour is he’s having a hard time remembering Oslo is in Norway and Stockholm is in Sweden).
4. Took a trip to the Yukon.
5. Got married.Showed up the Liberal convention and got more press coverage than Stephane Dion.

Maybe I’m missing something, but could you name a Canadian who has accomplished more? Okay, maybe Celine Dion and the folks who came up with the Blackberry. But none of them covet the Liberal nomination in Outremont.

My advice to Justin Trudeau: if they want to see Jean Lapierre levels of gravitas, then run down Ste-Catherine street screaming “betrayed! Betrayed!” and briefly found a separatist party. Then, the riding execs will take you seriously.

Shock No. 2 Stephane Dion doesn’t want him.
Sources close to the Liberal leader say Mr. Dion wants to save that riding for a “star” candidate. Not some peep-squeak Trudeau who indirectly WON Mr. Dion the leadership. No, a real “star”, like Sirius or Proxima Centauri.

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