Friday, January 12, 2007

Wajid Khan's $13,000 super secret Excellent Middle Eastern Adventure

Originally posted at A BCer in Toronto

After a barrage of pressure from the media and the opposition, the Harper government has finally disclosed the expenses for turncoat MP Wajid Khan’s super-top secret, super important, non-partisan Middle Eastern trip.

Here they are:

As you’ll see over some 19 days Mr. Khan visited Damascus, Riyadh, Aman, Cairo, Jerusalem and Beruit. All the garden spots, to be sure. He spent nearly $8000 on air fare, just over $3000 on accomodations, and some $1600 on meals for a total of just under $13,000.

Then he went home, wrote his $13,000 report that he promised he’d share with everyone, his Conservative friends gave his old election opponent a patronage job, he supported Joe Volpe for the leadership, then he supported Bob Rae for the leadership, then he supported Stephane Dion for the leadership, then apparently he was upset Dion’s foreign policy wasn’t more like Michael Ignatieff’s foreign policy, and finally jumped ship to the Conservatives for reasons that seem to change by the news story.

Any-ho, did the taxpayers of Canada get value for money from their $13,000? We’re not going to be able to find out. As mentioned, the report is super-duper-tip top secret. If it was released, I mean, the Earth would stop spinning on its axis, day would become night. What’s that? You’re asking, what about all that Conservative stuff about accountability? Hey, look over there! Adscam! Liberanos and so forth!

P.S. Hey, David Emerson, could you join me over at camera three?

Hey David. How ya doin? Fabulous. Listen bud. Look at this expense report Wajid filed. Just under $8k on air fare and he hit six cities in the Middle East. Six! Including Beruit! I mean, I don’t think WestJet exactly flies there, you know what I’m sayin’?

I’m just asking…maybe you could use Wajid’s travel agent for your next trip, rather than spending $10k on a roundtrip to Geneva. You know what I’m saying big shooter?

Thanks chief.


Jerry said...

I love how Liberals always try to point out spending on the part of the Conservatives... it's like they're trying to divert attention from something... like their own mass over-spending and the fact that they stole millions of dollars from the pockets of Canadians.

Meet me on camera three:

Hey big guy, nice reuse of a John Stewart bit.

A BCer in Toronto said...

We took a kickin at the polls for our misdeeds Jerry, and now we're in opposition. Now the Cons are in government, after pledging to be lilly white, and yet their actions, well, they speak for themselves. As I said, we took out kickin. Yours may be next.

And I prefer to think of it as a Jon Stewart homage.

Olaf said...

I'm gonna have to side with Jeff (grudgingly). I see no harm in holding the Conservatives to account, if in fact they do similar things which the Liberals (rightly) took a hit for. Nothing near the severity of Adscam yet, but the adscam Liberals had to build up their gumption somewhere, and it was minor cases of overspending which built up their confidence.

Objectively, politicians, all politicians, should be held accountable by as many people as care to. It takes a lot of courage for Jeff to support a party that brought waste to a new level, and subsequently criticise relatively minor cases where they exist with the new governing party. But if he doesn't, who will?

A BCer in Toronto said...

You see Olaf, it's a public service...