Monday, January 15, 2007

The Dion Haters Handbook

Originally posted at A BCer in Toronto

Over on his blog so-called Conservative Olaf has published the Harper-Haters Handbook. We’ll need to track down the source of this leak, but in the mean time coincidently I’ve come into possession of a copy of the CPC’s Dion-Haters Handbook.

The first thing I noticed is it’s a much slimmer volume than the anti-Harper text. But then again, that’s not surprising. Conservatives have always decried bureaucratic red tape and besides, it’s much harder to find things to hate about Stephane Dion. Because, really, what’s not to love?

Anyway, the flyer is broken down into two sections: Anti-Liberal in general, and Anti-Dion specifically:

How to Debate the Liberals Without Having to Think Too Hard or Resort to Facts

Written only by Stephen Harper, with absolutely no help from anyone
Conservative Party Press

Fighting the Liberals

Whenever responding to the Liberals or writing an attack of your own, the language you use is very important. For example, never use the word Liberal. While Liberano is still an acceptable substitute, Fiberal is now preferred.
No matter what the topic, be it child care funding or national defence, be sure to include a reference to the sponsorship scandal.

Whenever Conservatives are being called on a broken promise, just say it’s pragmatism and an example of The Leader’s superior political acumen. Then mention the sponsorship scandal.

Whenever you’re seriously on the ropes, being called on any negative action by the Conservatives, you can always fall back on The Liberals Did It Too defence. Just change the channel by mentioning some past Liberal scandal, real or imagined.

Fighting Dion

Much like the Fiberal rule, always refer to Dion as Citoyen Dion to remind people he committed the egregious sin of being born to a French mother. Resist Liberal attempts to rebrand him as Freedom Dion.

Remember, since he’s a Quebec MP he must have known something about sponsorship, despite all evidence to the contrary. And hey, you’re from Alberta? Do you know Frank? Tall guy, black hair?

Dion was environment minister for just over a year, that was plenty of time to fix all the so-called problems.

We’re still working on more attack lines, so in the mean time just make fun of his accent and/or ask if we want another PM from Quebec because hey, we’ve never gone wrong with that kind of thing before, now have we?

This message will self destruct in 30 seconds.


Chuckercanuck said...

"Remember, since he’s a Quebec MP he must have known something about sponsorship, despite all evidence to the contrary."

actually, minister of intergovernmental affairs.

interesting, ummmm, understatement? :)

A BCer in Toronto said...

The author, Steve Harper, has always been known for his, ummm, understatements...

Chuckercanuck said...

I think he was being exceeeeeedingly polite.

Hugo Chavez' kid sister said...

Eh, man, I seen Jeff Jardras' picture - he's handsome and funny. Why is he a Liberal?

A BCer in Toronto said...

Probably my abnormally large sense of entitlement, and love of high taxes.

Hugo Chavez' Other Kid Sister said...

socialismo or muerta!

Werner Patels said...

"So-called Conservative blog?"


Werner Patels said...

Looks like this blog is dead and abandoned. Sorry, but I'll have to remove it from my blogroll, then. Let me know if or when you start it up again.